Sometimes less is more.  A simple statement piece that goes a long way.  When we design a space, we always take a step back and consider what may have gone too far – too many accessories, too many pairs of pairs, patterns that aren’t jiving, maybe taking out a table.

Your eye should move gracefully through a space, stopping to pause on an unexpected piece because it catches attention.  Poorly designed spaces or objects can have an adverse effect and make you feel unsettled.

Liz great room
Interior space designed by Abby Craighton

This space overlooks a water view, with the focus on the outside.  The vibe is relaxed and easy on the eyes.  An elegant black and white color story puts the focus on letting the outside come in.

interior image 7

Image Courtesy of Phillips Collection

The combination of natural materials, curved shapes and a soft contrast of color makes this a successful space. Notice the variance of heights in all the objects – this is key!

Great Room

Every little detail counts.  Soft textures, a play on the linear lines, and a palette of soft greens and grays.  Everything compliments without being a perfect match.

Rajput dining
Interior space designed by Jan Finlayson

A neutral backdrop lets this open floor plan feel more spacious.   The jewelry influence of the lighting plays with the arched windows and ceiling line.  Our elegant proportions allow the client to experiment with colors and pattern without overwhelming the space.

Interior image 2

Finishes don’t have to match but compliment.

Interior image 6

Rich color can still have a less is more effect.

Interior image 4

Architectural jewelry takes influences from this theme.

Interior image

Juxtaposition of hard and soft materials

Inteiror image 5

Simple meanderings of shelves and objects

Take a step back and look at your own space.  What piece has been bothering you?  Take it our for a few days and see if the energy improves, or if you even miss it.  Sometimes it is the simplest of changes that make the most impact.  Not sure what to do?  Call us.


Designer Profile: Jan Finlayson

Jan shares her design favorites and tips

Jan Finlayson has been designing interiors for over 25 years.  Her store, Luxe Interiors, is a must see Coralville, IA shopping destination in Iowa River Landing.  Here she shares some of her personal design essentials.

Design Philosophy

Elle Decor gallery

Live with what you love.  Who cares if it doesn’t quite match.  Enough said.

Favorite Club ChairSherrill 1319 chairSherrill Furniture’s 1319 Lounge Chair

What makes this such a great chair?  “Comfortable, compact, and some sexy little nailheads make this a perfect chair.” It’s a perfect transitional style.

Best Neutral


Sherwin Williams SW7029 Agreeable Gray

This soft, taupe gray tone looks lovely with both crisp white trim or warm toned woodwork.  This favorite neutral makes it just as easy to work a brighter color scheme around as it does an earthy palette.

Where to spend your money

“Cry once, keep forever” are words Jan lives by.  When you purchase something you really love, it never goes out of style.


Cambria Brittanica, courtesy of

  • Kitchen Countertops.  Everyone gathers in the kitchen, so why not create a worry free space?  Using solid surfaces such as quartz are simple to maintain, and you get your money back out it if you sell.  Granites and other solid surfaces are plentiful to choose from as well.


Nathan Anthony sofa courtesy of

  • Upholstery that gets used daily is the other area to best spend your money.  Consider your sofa to be “the little black dress” of the room and purchase in a great solid texture.  You can change up your pillows and accessories with no regrets, but that larger piece will always be your foundation.  Cushions will keep their shape, frames will stay tight, and fabrics will be more durable.


Design MUST DO


Area rugs need to be the right size for the space.  All the dining chairs need to stay on the rug when they are pulled out.  In a large living space all the front legs should at least be on the rug.  One of Jan’s biggest peeves is seeing spaces undermined by a rug that could have been at least one size bigger.

What Jan can’t live without


Books…and music.  The best day spent is one curled up with a great read and tunes in the background, ranging from classical guitar to Nina Simone to Hozier, and everything else in between.  And a glass of wine…and her puppy Lulu.



Mini Trend: Geometry for Grownups

Angles and circles and pyramids, oh my!  Geometrical shapes and forms are everywhere this year in home decor.  These bold patterns are a welcome addition to subtly designed interiors, and are a sophisticated way to add visual interest.   This classic style is brought up to the minute with these fresh new examples to use right now in your home decor.

Geometry 4 gold leaf
Courtesy Gold Leaf Design

For those that love symmetry, geometric designs add an artful detail.  Many of the featured shapes take their inspiration from nature – honeycomb is a perfect example.


The light fixture from Arteriors has a plant like appearance with its movable joints.  Notice the pattern on the floor as well.


This accessory from Arteriors provides a great play of shadows and light – at different times of the day the shadow created provides its own kind of artistic impression.

McBride great room

This room designed by Luxe Interiors was featured in the 2015 Parade of Homes.  We love the way all the lines play off each other.  The herringbone tile on the fireplace is a fresh take on a historic design – running the tiles vertically adds a whole new dimension.  The coffee table feature inlaid elm pieces.

Geometry Photos-Tony-Baratta-Maximalist-Manhattan-Apartment-Diamond-Baratta-Design
Image Courtesy of Diamond and Baratta

Layers of pattern and geometry in shades of camel, gray, and neutrals.

Geometry Diamond-Baratta-Design-1
Image Courtesy Diamond and Baratta

Diamond and Baratta, the iconic design duo, plays up whimsical patterns in many scales.  Geometric patterns are a trademark look for them.  How do you like this retro look?

geometric kravet jam1
Image Courtesy of Kravet

Jeffrey Alan Marks’ new collection for Kravet uses subtle tonal colors, a complete opposite of the previous photo.  His layering of pattern is second to none – not for the untrained eye to attempt!

Luxe Interiors is full of merchandise with a geometric flair – lighting, art, furniture pieces and pillows.  Stop by to see which pieces you can add right now to update your space.





Luxe Favorite: Navy and Copper

Copper and BLue 1

Navy Blue – the new neutral.  Navy is a year round favorite, and a fresh change from gray.  We love to compliment navy with rich coppery hues.

Copper is a hot new trend in lighting and furnishings.  We saw copper all over the place at last year’s furniture markets.  Phillips Collection featured a number of tables with a copper-like patina finish, like the Button Coffee Table featured below:

Phillips Collection Button Coffee Table
Photo Courtesy of Phillips Collection

Copper and Navy will be great additions to add to your existing gray tones.

Copper and blue 2
Courtesy of Mia Fleur

Bold Prints are back as a big trend.  Use them in the mix with solids and layered with textures.  Pillows, window treatments, and accent  furniture are perfect areas to add in a print.

Copper 1Look for copper accents as well on table tops, tiles, and other building materials.  Copper is a great surface, as it patinas with age, adding to the richness of the colors.

CopperCopper possesses both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. As far back as 1893, scientists were aware of its toxic effect upon algae, molds, fungi and viruses. Since ancient times, it has served as water-storage vessels and plumbing pipes.

The USA is completely self-sufficient in copper, due to our major domestic deposits of it. With this abundance, about one-quarter of it is economically recoverable immediately. In addition, of the 700 billion pounds of copper already mined in the past 10,000 years, most of it is still serving some sort of recycled use.  Not only is it a beautiful product, but one that you can feel good about using in your home.

How can we help you use copper and navy blue in your interior scheme?



2016 Trends for Interiors

Image Courtesy of Pantone

A new year and new trends for your home.  At Luxe Interiors, we keep up on the latest and greatest in order to bring you the freshest ideas.

Pantone Color Institute is the foremost expert in color influencing, and announced their two chosen colors for 2016:  Rose Quartz and Serenity.

“Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

Pastels?  Really?

pink 1.jpg

We can embrace a little pink.  Combine the soft pink with navy blue for a fresh take.  This blush tone is also nicely enhanced by warm grays or charcoals.  Used in small doses as an accent color, Rose Quartz is a fresh addition for spring months.


pink 2
Image Courtesy of Pantone

How about a deeper version of Rose Quartz?  We love a deeper, more purple tinged version. Can’t help but love the way the purple makes the pale pink accent seem edgier.

Image Courtesy Interior Design Magazine

Rose Quartz will be a much more fashion forward trend, and more likely to be loved by the fashion industry.

Serenity, on the other hand, is much more widely accepted.  Blue is having a great resurgence over the last few years, and seems fresher than ever.  From pale, grayed out hues to soft watery teals, this side of the 2016 trend is everywhere in interiors.

Blue 2

Blue 3.jpg

blue 1

Why the paler tones for color of the year?  Pantone’s color analysts believe that we are all looking to be more mindful and aware, and looking for a kinder and more serene outlook.  Historically, election years without an incumbent have been lighter in their color trends, as the population looks for ways to be less anxious and to handle change easier.  There are so many global issues currently that contribute to this uneasy time so perhaps a little color psychology can help.

We’ve got the goods at Luxe Interiors to show you how you can live with this new color trend.  We update our sample library daily with the latest and innovative styles of fabric and papers.

Trend 16_2

Cashmere fabric?  Yes, please! You’ve got to touch it.

Cashmere fabric.JPG

Bold Prints – you need them again!

BOld Prints.jpg
Photo Courtesy of Romo

Luxurious textures, and lots of shine – our interior designers love to show you how to update your interiors, and stay within your budget.

Trend 16_1

Let’s talk more about your ideas and needs to update your home, whether you are remodeling a small area or building new.  Luxe Interiors in Coralville is the go-to for expert interior design services.

If you find that we did not credit your photo correctly, please let us know!


Designer Profile : Abby

As we head into the holiday season, we at Luxe Interiors, would like to spread a little cheer with a designer spotlight.  Abby Ellingson, designer extraordinaire, will turn your home into the show piece you’ve been aching for.




With several years experience, Abby has a wealth of knowledge and a trove of designer secrets.  She always puts her client first, listening, learning and understanding their needs.  And with her guidance, you will not be disappointed.



Abby is ready to tackle any project, from small scale design updates to complete room renovation.  She is well versed in all design styles but gravitates toward contemporary with grey as her neutral and shades of blue as her accent.  Abby is a master at incorporating texture and pattern into a space, something many clients struggle to accomplish on their own.  Her eye for scale and balance is spot on, allowing her to create a look that feels calm and inspired.



Be inspired by just some of the work Abby has done as a designer at Luxe Interiors.  Enjoy!


So, you think you want to hire a designer?  Well, Luxe Interiors is the perfect place to start.  And, so that you feel entirely comfortable with the process, allow us to disprove those misconceptions, explain what we need from you and walk you through the basics of hiring a designer.

Misconception #1:  It will cost you more to hire a designer.

The truth is, it can actually be more cost effective.  It is our job to stay within your budget and keep the project on track.  We have a trove of sources at our fingertips, hitting every price point and style.  We can tell you where to spend, where to save and most importantly, we will keep you from making a rash decision that eventually leads to regret.

Misconception #2:  We don’t care what you want.

This is a collaboration.  If you aren’t happy, we haven’t done our job.  We have no intention of railroading your ideas for the sake of our own.  We are simply here to guide your vision.  We value your wishes and have the knowledge and skill to make them come true.

As the client, I think its vitally important that you be prepared.  So, take these steps to get ready for your first meeting.

Know your needs:  how do you envision the room?

Having a basic wishlist enables you to get everything you want.  Knowing what you need as far as comfort, storage, and function is key.  Don’t hesitate to rip pictures out of magazines, grab paint colors that inspire you, pull together artwork that you love.  These are the stepping stones to building a look and the better we understand you, the better we succeed.

Know your budget.

Be honest with your designer when you talk about budget.  Just because you give a figure doesn’t mean that’s what needs to be spent.  It sets a parameter and allows us to get to work sourcing pieces that will fit within that guideline.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a design that is wildly out of your range.  So trust in our ability to be kind to your pocketbook.  We are in the business of customer satisfaction and we work hard to make sure your investment is exactly what you hoped it would be.

As designers at Luxe Interiors, we can offer you this:

Training.  Schooling and years of on the job experience have taught us to know what works and what doesn’t.  We understand lighting, color, space and scale.  All the things that are key to making your room look and feel the way it was meant to.  All of this to save you headaches, money and regret.

Ease.  No one has the time or desire to handle the multiple phone calls that will happen between contractors, subs, customer service representatives and other vendors.  But we do.  That’s what we do.  Your project will flow with ease.  And even with all the backstage chaos, you will be left to think the execution was flawless.  We are magicians.

Planning.  Without a plan, there is disappointment.  It is our job to be very detailed.  Adhering to a budget, mastering the functionality of the room, and executing the vision is what we are always prepared to do.  This allows us to get you everything you need while eliminating any surprises that may get in the way.

Reliable sources and contacts.  We have cultivated trusting relationships with vendors, contractors, subs, and beyond.  We know who to call and where to get what you need.  We take the guesswork out of the entire project, leaving you feeling confident and in control.

See what Luxe Interiors can do for you!

The Croc embossed entry table - Design by #TheLuxeZone - Photography by Danforth Johnson:


The glamorous dressing room - Design by #TheLuxeZone - Photography by Danforth Johnson:


Luxurious, comfortable seating to curl up in. Design by the Luxe Zone Photos by Danforth Johnson:


This shot gives a look at the entirety of the space showing off the two separate seating areas that compliment each other Design by The Luxe Zone, Photos by Danforth Johnson:


Sophisticated glamour - Design by #TheLuxeZone Photography by Danforth Johnson:


Wing chairs utilize the height of the space - Design by #TheLuxeZone Photography by Danforth Johnson:


At Luxe Interiors we design with care and passion.  We look forward to working with you on your next project.  Give us a call, you won’t regret it.