Luxe Favorite: Navy and Copper

Copper and BLue 1

Navy Blue – the new neutral.  Navy is a year round favorite, and a fresh change from gray.  We love to compliment navy with rich coppery hues.

Copper is a hot new trend in lighting and furnishings.  We saw copper all over the place at last year’s furniture markets.  Phillips Collection featured a number of tables with a copper-like patina finish, like the Button Coffee Table featured below:

Phillips Collection Button Coffee Table
Photo Courtesy of Phillips Collection

Copper and Navy will be great additions to add to your existing gray tones.

Copper and blue 2
Courtesy of Mia Fleur

Bold Prints are back as a big trend.  Use them in the mix with solids and layered with textures.  Pillows, window treatments, and accent  furniture are perfect areas to add in a print.

Copper 1Look for copper accents as well on table tops, tiles, and other building materials.  Copper is a great surface, as it patinas with age, adding to the richness of the colors.

CopperCopper possesses both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. As far back as 1893, scientists were aware of its toxic effect upon algae, molds, fungi and viruses. Since ancient times, it has served as water-storage vessels and plumbing pipes.

The USA is completely self-sufficient in copper, due to our major domestic deposits of it. With this abundance, about one-quarter of it is economically recoverable immediately. In addition, of the 700 billion pounds of copper already mined in the past 10,000 years, most of it is still serving some sort of recycled use.  Not only is it a beautiful product, but one that you can feel good about using in your home.

How can we help you use copper and navy blue in your interior scheme?




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