Sometimes less is more.  A simple statement piece that goes a long way.  When we design a space, we always take a step back and consider what may have gone too far – too many accessories, too many pairs of pairs, patterns that aren’t jiving, maybe taking out a table.

Your eye should move gracefully through a space, stopping to pause on an unexpected piece because it catches attention.  Poorly designed spaces or objects can have an adverse effect and make you feel unsettled.

Liz great room
Interior space designed by Abby Craighton

This space overlooks a water view, with the focus on the outside.  The vibe is relaxed and easy on the eyes.  An elegant black and white color story puts the focus on letting the outside come in.

interior image 7

Image Courtesy of Phillips Collection

The combination of natural materials, curved shapes and a soft contrast of color makes this a successful space. Notice the variance of heights in all the objects – this is key!

Great Room

Every little detail counts.  Soft textures, a play on the linear lines, and a palette of soft greens and grays.  Everything compliments without being a perfect match.

Rajput dining
Interior space designed by Jan Finlayson

A neutral backdrop lets this open floor plan feel more spacious.   The jewelry influence of the lighting plays with the arched windows and ceiling line.  Our elegant proportions allow the client to experiment with colors and pattern without overwhelming the space.

Interior image 2

Finishes don’t have to match but compliment.

Interior image 6

Rich color can still have a less is more effect.

Interior image 4

Architectural jewelry takes influences from this theme.

Interior image

Juxtaposition of hard and soft materials

Inteiror image 5

Simple meanderings of shelves and objects

Take a step back and look at your own space.  What piece has been bothering you?  Take it our for a few days and see if the energy improves, or if you even miss it.  Sometimes it is the simplest of changes that make the most impact.  Not sure what to do?  Call us.


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